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Diane Woodward is an Excessful Artist.

She makes Paintings and Sculpture, Icons, Assembles and Mittens. She knits Hats, Blows Glass, Sews Masks, (over 5000), Paints God and Makes Furniture.  She is a Woodworker,  Muralist,  Framer and Decorator.

Woodward self identifies as a Painter. She/It 

Colour is the most important thing. So is the Work and Pattern and Repetition and Repetition and Surprise. Even a simple painting is a puzzle that must be solved. Making a painting is interesting and hard. A work should have Clarity, Mystery and Inevitability. 

Woodward has had over 50 solo exhibitions in Ontario and Québec, including 2 huge shows at The Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa.

She traveled as Uma the Painter, making paintings for Hindu Temples at Sivanada Ashrams in India, The Bahamas and Northern Québec.

During covid she stopped painting and made over 5000 masks and gave them away. 

Ukrainian Easter Eggs have been in her paintings for 15 years and when the war started she painted them to sell to raise money that she now donates to John the Brewer of Churchkey in Campbellford for his missions in the Ukraine.

This summer she will paint a mural outside the Madoc Food Bank and inside The Heart of Hastings Hospice, (not on the ceilings of the patients' rooms).  In the fall she will have a show at "Gather" in Perth.

LOCAL COLOUR will feature many new paintings, large and small, very Bright of people and animals. There's one of the late Local Hero, Dr Godfrey, who practiced medicine until covid made him retire at the age of 102. There will be Zebras, Frogs, a  Lamb and an Octopus, and EGGS. 

There will be 3D Paintings, (sculpture), Furniture, Wind & Solar Powered Bamboo Clothes Dryers, Cards & Buttons.

To view more of her art visit Instagram @dianewoodwardart

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