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Jan Coombs is an accomplished artist based in Belleville, Ontario, with a passion for abstract art that she has been honing since 2001. Her preferred painting supports are canvas and wood, and her favorite medium is acrylic. Jan draws inspiration from her fellow painters, and her favorite color to work with is blue. She enjoys both the peace and tranquility of country living, as well as the vibrancy and energy of city life.

Jan's creativity is fueled by her curiosity and determination, and she believes that every artist should possess a healthy sense of inquisitiveness. With a formal education in art, her style has evolved over time, and she loves to include collage into her painting process. She typically works on her art in the afternoon when her creativity is at its peak.

For Jan, success as an artist is defined by creating work that she loves, and she strives to convey joy, hope, and cheerfulness through her paintings. Her pieces are characterized by their vivid colors and whimsical nature, with a playful quality that speaks to the viewer's inner child. Overall, Jan's art is a testament to her creativity and dedication to the craft, and she continues to inspire others with her colorful, joyful works.

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Jan, can you describe how your art helped you cope during a difficult time in your life?

"Art has been a source of solace and growth for me during a time of transition in my life. Twenty-three years ago, I retired from a long and fulfilling career as a teacher and school principal. At that time, my husband was still working, and found myself with a lot of free time and a need for a new challenge. Though I had always been interested in creativity, I had never considered painting until a friend and I took a weekend course in framing pictures.


Through this course, we met Jeanette Campbell, an accomplished artist who invited us to join her painting class. Despite our lack of experience, Jeanette welcomed us with open arms and provided us with the guidance and encouragement we needed. Jeanette started us off by putting some flowers in a vase and asking us to sketch for 20 minutes. This was a challenge, but with her encouragement, she slowly led us into watercolor techniques. After the first lesson, I was hooked! This was the start of my second career, and I still cannot believe at times what a wonderful world I have found in art.


Over time, I have been able to convince a few people, who like me, were unaware that they too could join this community of learners and painters without prior experience. It really can happen!

In the face of difficult times, art has allowed me to express myself and grow in ways that I never thought possible. I am grateful for the opportunities it has provided and the joy it continues to bring to my life."

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