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Heather Lawrie, lives on a lake beside crown land in Gilmour, Ontario, surrounded by nature. She is a visionary artist who transforms the beauty of nature into exquisite wearable decorative art. Her creations are a harmonious blend of natural materials, native vegetation, and eco-friendly dyes, all brought to life through the captivating art of Eco Printing.

Heather's artistic journey began as a form of rehabilitation for a concussion, and her path led her to the therapeutic world of felting. This tactile and immersive craft became a source of solace and inspiration. In 2013, serendipity led her to the captivating realm of Marta Mouka's Botanical Printing. Instantly smitten by the idea of using leaves and natural dyes to create intricate prints on natural fibers, Heather embarked on a lifelong love affair with this artistic technique.

The science behind the dyes and the mystical connection to nature in her work have a profound hold on Heather's creativity. Drawing knowledge and technical skills from textile artists around the world, she learned to coax leaves into imprinting their intricate designs on fabrics and paper, a process that never ceases to amaze her.

Heather Lawrie's botanical printing technique entails the use of natural materials embellished with leaves, onion skins, seed pods, and bark, all meticulously bundled tightly together. By employing heat and natural dyes, the colors and shapes derived from nature are skillfully transferred directly onto the materials, resulting in the creation of truly distinctive, one-of-a-kind designs. Each piece serves as a unique manifestation of nature's creativity.

Heather Lawrie brings a unique blend of academic expertise and real-world experience to her art. With a degree in Applied Fashion Design from Toronto Metropolitan University and 13 years of dedicated work in the fashion industry, she seamlessly fuses her passion for the natural world with her professional know-how. Her creations span a wide spectrum, encompassing garments, home décor, accessories, and stationary, all infused with the beauty and wonder of the natural world. Heather's art is not just decorative; it's a celebration of nature, a therapeutic journey, and a testament to the power of creativity as a means of healing and self-expression.

Her talent has garnered recognition, including an Honourable Mention in the Art Gallery of Bancroft Annual Juried Show for her Botanically Printed Upcycled Beaded Dress. She has also secured First Place awards for her captivating creations, such as "Every Leaf a Hallelujah" and "Evening Sun."

Her captivating creations can be found exhibited at various venues, including A Place for the Arts, the Art Gallery of Bancroft, Edge Café in Coe Hill, and Art on 62 in Madoc. Additionally, her work is accessible for viewing and purchase through select online platforms and social media profiles.

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