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Carolyn Laidley Arn is a dynamic and accomplished artist based in Toronto, Canada, whose versatile talent spans multiple mediums. Her passion and creativity was ignited during her formative years in The Thousand Islands, and has remained a driving force throughout her life.

With a unique approach to the creative process, Carolyn delves into her work with short bursts of intensity, allowing her to explore the full range of her artistic potential. She approaches each piece without preconceived notions, carefully layering design and detail to create unexpected and distinctive outcomes that capture the essence of her distinctive style. The joy Carolyn experiences during the creation process is evident in each of her works, as they come together to form a cohesive and truly individualistic collection.

Beyond her artistic endeavors, Carolyn is an active member of the Toronto art community and is deeply committed to making the arts accessible to all. As Vice-Chair of the Artists' Network and a member of the Board of Directors, she played a crucial role in securing a permanent, subsidized home for the organization in Leslieville through collaboration with the City of Toronto.

Carolyn's passion for art is matched only by her business acumen, creativity, and dedication to her community.


Whether she's creating breathtaking works of art or spearheading initiatives that bring art to the masses, Carolyn's passion and drive are infectious, and serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration to those around her.

To view more of Carolyn’s art visit:

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