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My Story

Margaret Ruttan, a prolific artist known for her evocative and impressionistic watercolor paintings, was born and raised amidst the vibrant culture of Toronto. However, it was the  charm of Belleville that captured her heart when she relocated in 1981, and she has called it home ever since.

Margaret's artistic journey began in her twenties, but the demands of family and career initially relegated her passion to the sidelines. It wasn't until two decades ago, with more time on her hands, that she rediscovered her love for painting. Upon retiring ten years ago, Margaret embraced painting as a daily meditation, finding solace and inspiration in each brushstroke.

While painting became her primary artistic outlet, Margaret's creative spirit extended to the performing arts. She graced the stage of the Pinnacle Playhouse in numerous productions before venturing into playwriting, a pursuit that saw her works showcased in Belleville's one-act play festivals.

Her work has been influenced by the emotional response evoked by images, as well as admired artists like Georgia O'Keeffe and local talent like Joan Reive. Margaret's style is predominantly impressionistic, and her chosen medium is watercolor. Her subjects range from florals and landscapes to street scenes and portraits . Through juried shows, Margaret has earned accolades such as Juror's Choice awards and Honourable Mentions, affirming the impact of her art on audiences.

Margaret's watercolor paintings are an invitation to the viewer, to find serenity amidst the chaos of the modern world. Her paintings serve as tranquil havens, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the scenes she captures with such vividness and emotion. One admirer aptly expressed, "Margaret Ruttan, your paintings make me feel like I've been dropped into the scene and I never want to leave."

An active member of the Belleville Art Association, Margaret has dedicated herself to fostering artistic community and growth. Having served on the board for several years, she continues to contribute her talents to the local art scene, showcasing her latest creations at the BAA gallery in Belleville.

For those seeking to experience her recent work, Margaret invites you to explore "Brush Stokes by Marg" on Facebook, where her artistry continues to flourish and inspire.

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